2 Simple Ways to Record Discord Audio


June 02, 2020 09:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

Discord is a popular voice and text messaging platform which mainly designed for game players. It provides a great community for gamers to contact others and make friends. Discord enables users to post GIFs, emotes, and other files, and voice chat with other people across games. Because Discord is a lightweight program that won’t take up much hardware-driven space, it can easily offer high efficiency in communication while the game playing.

2 Simple Ways to Record Discord Audio

It’s a pity that Discord does not have a preset recording option for voice chat like other apps. And you can see many Discord users are looking for a way to record Discord audio and voice calls. Are you one of them? Here in this post, we will share 2 simple ways to record Discord audio with high sound quality.

1. Best Way to Record Discord Audio and Calls

As mentioned above, there are many Discord users want to record Discord audio, messages or the entire computer screen while playing game. Here at the first part, we like to recommend a professional Discord audio recording tool, FoneLab Screen Recorder for you to record any Discord audio including voice calls, chats and other contents with high quality.

Double click the download button above and then follow the instructions to free install and run this Discord audio recorder on your computer.

When you enter the first interface, choose the Audio Recorder feature to record any audio on Discord. If you also have the need to capture screen content, here you can choose the Video Recorder option.

discord audio recorder

Before the Discord audio recording, you need to custom some audio recording settings. To capture Discord audio, you can turn on the System Sound and turn off the Microphone. If you want to record a Discord voice call, here you’d better turn on both options.

audio recording settings

Click the Record setting icon to enter the Preferences window. Here you can do more settings. The default output audio format is MP3. If you want to save the recorded Discord audio as another format, you can click Output on the left. Click OK to confirm the operation and close the window.

output format

Start the Discord audio or voice call, and then click on the REC button to start recording the Discord audio. You can click on the red Stop button to stop the recording process.

discord audio recording

After the Discord audio recording, you are allowed to preview the captured audio file and edit it based on your need. Then you can click on the Save button to save the recorded Discord audio file on your computer.

edit recorded audio

Besides the Discord audio, it also allows you to record stream games, online YouTube videos, and other activities with high image and sound quality. Just free download it and give it a try.

2. How to Record Discord Audio with OBS PC

OBS is a popular and open source streaming tool which allows you to capture audio from Discord. When you want to broadcast your Discord audio and share the gaming conversation, you can also rely on it. The following guide will show you how to record Discord audio with OBS.

First, you need to download OBS from its official site. Then install and open OBS on your computer. When you enter the home window, you can click the + under Sources and then choose the Desktop Audio option.

Click File > Settings > Output to adjust the output mode. If you want to choose the audio source, here you can click Settings > Audio > Desktop Audio. Then click OK to confirm the operation and save the changes.

obs record discord audio

Play the Discord audio or start the Discord voice call, and then click the Start Recording button under Controls to start capturing audio from Discord.

3. FAQs of Recording Discord Audio

Question 1. How to enable and use Discord screen share?

To use the Discord screen share with your friends, you should open your Friend List and start a Video Call first. At the bottom of the screen, you can see some icons. You may be familiar with the Video Call icon. The one to the left is the Screen Share icon. You can click on it to use the Discord screen share feature.

Question 2. Why is my Discord screen share audio not working?

Many reasons will cause Discord screen share audio not working. For instance, some outdated and wrong audio drivers will easily create audio problems. You should have the correct and updated driver installed on your system to solve the problem. You can choose to re-install the audio driver or install the latest drivers with the help of Device Manager.

Question 3. Can you screen share Netflix on Discord?

Yes. You can screen share Netflix on Discord through a streaming service called Go Live. Go Live allows you to share Netflix on Discord with friends. It allows you to screen share up to 50 people at a time.

Want to record Discord audio? After reading this page, you can get 2 simple and effective ways to record any audio and voice calls from Discord. If you still have any doubts, you can leave us a message in the comment.

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