iSpring Screen Recorder - iSpring Review and Its Alternative [2020]

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Aug 11, 2020 16:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

People would like to record screen as they need to create video tutorial, record online meetings, streaming audio, record gameplay and many others. Therefore, producers handpicked and highlighted many screen recorder to match your computers.

If you want a screen recorder to capture screen activities and edit recorded videos after that, iSpring is a not-bad choice.

iSpring Screen Recorder - iSpring Review and Its Alternative [2020]

1. What is iSpring Cam

iSpring screen recorder is one of the recording tools on computer to help people capture screen, video, audio, webcam, etc. It supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.

Is iSpring Free?

It has both free and pro versions, you can get a free version for 14-day trial before you pay for it. Of course there are limitations of free version, such as you can save recorded videos as WMV format only, you are not allowed to record a separate voice-over, record webcam, add annotations and many others.

It is good that the iSpring editor lets you add video from computer, inset shapes, export videos as MP4 format, etc, but you have to pay for it to unlock these features with iSpring Pro.

2. iSpring Free Cam Download

It is unlikely that anyone can download program from official site directly because you will be asked to receive download link from Email instead. Some users reported that they are unable to run the iSpring might because they download the iSpring 8 on computer. It is recommended that you can download the newest version iSpring 9 from the official site.

Below is the demonstration of iSpring free download.

Go to iSpring website - iSpring solutions page. Click the green Free Download button in the page.

click download button

You will be required to input your information including Email address, full name, phone number in the box. Click Download for Free.

enter info to download

Go to your Email and find the email from iSpring, click the download link to begin downloading.

3. iSpring Free Cam Review

Every coin has two sides, iSpring also can be seen from more than one viewpoint. Below are different reviews for iSpring for your references.


  1. You can select a recording screen area, capture full screen, or record an application.
  2. Select a recording area or choose Video 16:9 or Video 4:3.
  3. Set the dimensions of recording screen accordingly.
  4. Choose Microphones from drop-down list.
  5. Mute Audio during recording.
  6. Record screen and camera concurrently.
  7. Webcam recording is available.
  8. Hotkeys for simple navigation.
  9. Adjust volume and enable automatic noise removal.
  10. Record microphone and system sound simultaneously.
  11. Mouse indication.
  12. Upload videos to YouTube directly.
  13. Trim video after recording.
  14. Use editor tools like add annotations, add video from computer, insert music, etc.


  1. Not allowed to use editing tools with free version.
  2. Record 760p videos only before you upgrade to iSpring Pro.
  3. It has watermark in recorded videos.
  4. Limited list of output formats (MP4 only).

4. How to Use iSpring Recorder

It is not difficult even for people who never try it before. Below is the clear instruction.

Run iSpring on computer, then click New Recording.

click new recording

Select recording area and click recording button.

click recording button

Edit videos with video editing tools and then click Publish to share it to YouTube or save it to computer folder.

edit videos

5. iSpring Alternatives - FoneLab Screen Recorder

However, iSpring should be an overkill for people who just want a clean recording video without watermark. FoneLab Screen Recorder will be highly recommended to you if you need an alternative to iSpring.

What is FoneLab Screen Recorder

FoneLab Screen Recorder is a perfect solution for screen recording and video editing. It is great that you are allowed to use its editing tools during recording without limitations. More importantly, compared to the expensive iSpring, the free version of FoneLab Screen Recorder is also free of charge with no watermark.

How to Use FoneLab Screen Recorder

About how to record screen with FoneLab Screen Recorder, actually, there is always nothing to remind you before recording as its intuitive interface lets you find all options.

Below is how.

Download and install FoneLab Screen Recorder from the official site, then you can select Launch it from the pop-up window.

Select Video Recorder from the interface, Full or Custom buttons lead you to select recording region you intend to record. Then you can enable webcam, system sound and microphone accordingly. Moreover, you can click Advanced Recorder to record around the mouse to make a professional-looking tutorial or record exclude windows to remove the unwanted segments.

fonelab screen recorder interface

Click REC button. It will begin recording automatically once then countdown is over.

What’s more, you can take a screenshot on Windows or Mac with FoneLab Screen Recorder.

6. FAQs About iSpring Recorder

Q: Is iSpring Free Cam Safe?

A: iSpring is 100% safe. It doesn’t spy on you nor does it contain other forms of malware.

Q: How Much Does iSpring Cost?

A: $227 per year.

Q: How to Change Video Folder of iSrping?

A: Record a video firstly, then click Publish > My Computer > Browse. Select a location to save recording videos.

ispring folder

That’s all about iSpring Cam and its alternative - FoneLab Screen Recorder. You can choose the one that suits you best. Why not have a try now!

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