2020 Best Internet Radio Recorder - Quick Guide

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Radio stations broadcast their channel over the airwaves from a long time ago. So you can listen to your favorite radio station which is travels through the air. Along with technology improvement, broadcast begins to be spread through the Internet. Therefore, you can listen to the radio station from the Internet without lag.

Recording Internet radio is not a complicated task as you just need to do as usual to capture audio on computer or mobile phone. But in some cases, the system sound is not allowed to be recorded with limited restrictions.

2020 Best Internet Radio Recorder - Quick Guide

1. How to Record Internet Radio via FoneLab Screen Recorder

However, this post will introduce helpful tips and tricks for you to record Internet radio in better ways correctly.

How to Record Internet Radio on PC

The first recommendation you should not miss is FoneLab Screen Recorder. As its name said, it is a screen recorder. Furthermore, you can also capture computer audio, record webcam, record online meetings, capture streaming audio, etc, for you.

More importantly, it performs perfect recording for Internet radio on computer without delay. It is one incomparable feature that makes its competitive advantage over other rival tools.

Below is an informative tutorial on how to record Internet radio.

First of all, you need to download and install FoneLab Screen Recorder from official site. It is easy to click the download button and then follow the on-screen instruction to install it. After that, FoneLab Screen Recorder will be launched automatically.

Select Audio Recorder on the main interface, then enable system sound only.

fonelab screen recorder interface

Play the Internet radio you want to record on the computer, click REC button of FoneLab Screen Recorder taskbar to begin recording.

fonelab screen recorder choose audio recordertrim recorded audio file

You can hit the red stop button when it is done. Then you can trim the audio file to remove the unwanted parts if you need and save the recording on computer folder.

Then you can listen to the recorded Internet radio smoothly on computer, and you can find that it is a high-quality audio file without any noise.

In order to avoid people feel confuse in this regard on computer with different operating system, you can also learn how to record Internet radio on Mac in the following part.

Record Internet Radio on Mac

As a famous device famous for its high-speed yet smooth performances and well-designed interface, Mac comes with tons of features that makes it is easy to record screen. You have to pay attention that you can record your own voice on Mac rather than system sound from Mac with QuickTime recorder and other default options. As a result, you are unable to record Internet radio on Mac with its built-in tools.

In this case, Mac FoneLab Screen Recorder is a wise choice for you.

Choose Audio Recorder on the main interface, then enable system sound.

mac screen recorder

Play Internet radio on computer, then click REC button to begin recording.

Stop recording when the radio is done.

2. Record from Internet Radio with VLC

There are many media players that support Internet radio that makes it possible to play streams. VLC is one of them. As you all know, it is a versatile video and audio player on most platforms.

Packed with different powerful features, VLC can help you do almost everything you want accordingly, including record screen with VLC, convert video format, download Internet streams, screenshot in VLC, etc. The best thing of VLC is that it can record Internet radio with a few clicks for you.

Following is the tutorial with clear instructions.

Download VLC on computer if you don’t have it yet. Then open it.

Click Media > Open Network Stream to play stream with VLC.

open network stream vlc

Go to the Internet Radio page and copy the address, then paste the URL in the box. Click Play button.

play network stream vlc

Click the record button to begin recording.

record network stream vlc

3. Online Internet Radio Recorder

Apowersoft screen recorder is an online free screen recorder, which is light-weight yet functional recording tool strongly recommended to you. It is incredible that you can even record screen, audio and webcam with this portable tool on web browser. Below is the demonstration for you.

Go to Apowersoft screen recorder official site on computer browser, click the Download Launcher. Then click the launcher on the bottom-left corner of the window to install it on computer.

record internet radio via apowersoft

Play Internet radio on computer. Then click Start Recording button, enable system sound on the taskbar. Then you can just listen to the music casually.

Click stop button to stop recording.

That’s all it takes to record Internet radio with Apowersoft screen recorder. It doesn’t provide advanced features like FoneLab Screen Recorder, but it won’t require additional downloading on computer. It is really convenient for people who have a computer without spare space.

4. iPhone Internet Radio Recorder

Mobile phone makes our daily life and work more and more convenient and effective. Nowadays, you are enabled to finish many tasks on iPhone without other auxiliary tools.

iPhone has an inbuilt screen recording feature with iOS 11 and later versions. It is one of the best choices to record Internet radio if you are an iPhone user. What’s more, it can be a free Internet radio recorder for you.

Turn on screen recording feature on Control Center if you have not did it before. Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Control > Screen Recording.

screen record on iphone

Swipe down or up to access Control Center. Then press the screen recording icon to begin recording iPhone screen.

Play Internet radio on iPhone, then tap the red button on the upper-left corner to stop recording the Internet radio is done.

As Apowersoft screen recorder and iPhone screen recording feature require you to record audio with screen, which means you are not allowed to capture audio on computer only. If you want an audio file, you need to use a video converter like FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate to convert video format to MP3 or other audio formats you want.

The above-mentioned solutions have their own features to help you record Internet radio, you can choose one that suits you best accordingly.

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