Icecream Screen Recorder Ultimate Guide and Its Alternatives [2020]

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Recording screen plays a significant role in people’s work and life, as they need to record what to share with others or save online presentations for offline watching.

Icecream Screen Recorder is regarded as the best screen recorder for some people and it is getting more and more popular and being applied to many cases by its users.

No matter you want to record a vivid video for clear instructions or just capture screen with audio concurrently, we will show you detailed information about Icecream Screen Recorder and other best screen recorders in the following parts.

Icecream Screen Recorder Ultimate Guide and Its Alternatives [2020]

1. Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is more than a screen recorder on computer, it can help you screenshot and generate URL to share with friends, record screen with mouse events and audio simultaneously, record game screen with 60 FPS, convert video formats, etc.

icecream screen recorder interface

What’s more, icecream screen recorder editors to trim or paint your videos as you need.

Icecream Screen Recorder Review

Compare to other tools, Icecream Screen Recorder editor offers a bunch of tools to help users add text, paint, line, watermark, etc, annotations to videos. However, it also has its own advantages and disadvantages as below.


  1. Recording screen in full screen, custom region, custom area, last area and more.
  2. Customize recording video or image settings.
  3. Supports video formats including MP4, WebM, AVI, MOV.
  4. Record microphone audio and system sound.
  5. User-friendly interface.
  6. Has a Game Capture mode to help you capture gameplay without lag.
  7. Scheduled screen recording are available.
  8. Generate GIF.
  9. Add your own watermark.
  10. You can use video editing tools during recording.


  1. Not available on Mac.
  2. It is limited to 5-minute recording with free version.
  3. You can save recorded video as WebM only.

Icecream Screen Recorder Guide

Icecream Screen Recorder is easy to use. With its intuitive interface, users can find all options easily. Below is how to record screen along with audio and webcam.

Download Icecream Screen Recorder from official site and then install it. After that, it will be opened automatically.

Select Capture Vide on the top of the window, then choose Fullscreen or Custom area from the drop-down menu. You can enable webcam, audio, microphone accordingly.

Click Rec button to begin recording. Click Draw to select editor tools if you want. icecream-screen-recording

Stop and save it to folder.

2. Icecream Screen Recorder Alternatives

For your references, here will introduce 3 top screen recorders for you.

Top 1. FoneLab Screen Recorder

FoneLab Screen Recorder is one of the most functional and convenient tools. You can record screen long with microphone or system sound, capture footage from webcam and use it for picture-in-picture video, take screenshots on both Windows or Mac, etc. More importantly, there is no watermark in the recorded videos.

fonelab screen recorder interface


  1. Record screen, microphone audio, system sound and webcam as your needs.
  2. You can choose to record full screen, a specific area, an active window, or others.
  3. You can set a scheduled recording.
  4. Select recording settings from last recording.
  5. Recording excludes windows from advanced recording if you want.
  6. Show mouse events or record around the mouse.
  7. Use editing tools while recording.
  8. Trim video to make simple adjustments before exporting.
  9. Take your pick from a range of output formats.
  10. No watermark.
  11. No ads.
  12. Suitable for gameplay recording without lag.
  13. It is 100% safe.


  1. Limited for a 3-minute recording.

Top 2. Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Screen Recorder is a browser-based tool to capture all desktop activities on computer. It can record screen, audio and webcam simultaneously. With it, you may not be suitable for games, but you can easily record online meeting, online course, etc.

apowersoft screen recorder


  1. It has both online and desktop versions.
  2. Capture video, audio and webcam content.
  3. Export videos to MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MPEG, VOB, ASF and GIF.
  4. Add annotations while recording.
  5. You can set keyboard shortcuts.
  6. It is completely free.


  1. You can use it without internet connection.
download apowersoft screen recorder launcher

Top 3. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a open-source and free screen recorder to help you record screen to record streaming audio, online course, create tutorial, record stream games and others. It has significantly improved over the years, so you can record what you want on computer much easier than before.

obs studio


  1. You can capture audio, screen, browser, etc.
  2. Game capture is available.
  3. Choose media scene and source accordingly.
  4. Capture full screen or window.
  5. Add text to videos if you want.
  6. It is a free tool.


  1. It is a little more complicated than other tools.

3. FAQs about Icecream Screen Recorder

Q: Does Icecream Screen Recorder have a watermark?

A: Yes, The free version of Icecream Screen Recorder has a watermark with free version. But you can add your own watermark with Icecream Screen Recorder PRO.

Q: Is Icecream Screen Recorder PRO free?

A: Not Exactly. There is a free version of Icecream Screen Recorder with harsh limitations.

Q: Which is the best alternative to Icecream Screen Recorder?

A: FoneLab Screen Recorder is highly recommended to you. However, each recorder comes with its own, just compare what mentioned above and select one that suits you best.

The best screen recorder software is the one that helps you capture a worthwhile video with minimal effort in less time. You can choose one that suits you best. Do you have more questions about it? Let us know by dropping comments below.

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