How to Record Video from YouTube with Ease – 3 Efficient Methods You Should Know

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Sept 04, 2020 16:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

As the most popular video stream platform on the Internet, YouTube has tens of thousands of new videos every day. How to record YouTube videos, such as the TV shows, cartoon, music video, and more? What is the best method to capture the desired videos with original quality? Just learn more about 3 most efficient methods to record YouTube live streams with ease.

How to Record Video from YouTube with Ease – 3 Efficient Methods You Should Know

1. How to Record YouTube Videos on PC/Mac

To record YouTube videos on PC and Mac, FoneLab Screen Recorder is a versatile screen recorder to capture online streaming files, such as YouTube, Twitter and more. It enables you to record all on-screen activities, such as screen videos, system audio, microphone voice, and webcam footage. Moreover, you can tweak audio/video settings, add annotation/mouse cursor, and even manage the recorded YouTube files.

  1. Record online streaming videos with audio from YouTube within clicks.
  2. Add webcam footage and microphone voice to the recorded video.
  3. Tweak the frame rate, FPS, video quality, audio code and more others.
  4. Edit and manage the recorded YouTube videos, trim, play, delete, etc.

How to Record YouTube Videos without Quality Loss

Download and install the YouTube video recorder, you can launch the program on your computer. Then choose the Video Recorder menu to record YouTube videos. If you want to customize options, click the Gear button and open the Preferences dialog.

launch fonelab screen recorder

Open a browser and find the YouTube video you want to record. To record a video on YouTube, turn on the Display option and choose the Custom option. You can select region/window to choose the browser and enable the System Sound option.

select video recorder

After that, you can click the REC button before playing the YouTube video. During the recording process, you can add some annotations, texts, callouts, watermark and more other elements. Of course, you can click the Camera icon to take screenshots.

When the video playback is done, you can click on the Stop button to save the recorded YouTube video. Here you can check the video with the built-in media player. If there are unwanted frames, cut them with Clip feature. Then you can click the Save button to export the file.

save the recording video

2. How to Capture YouTube Live Stream Online

Is there a method to record YouTube live stream without extra software? All you need is an online video recorder app, such as Screencast-O-Matic. It is free to use, but the maximum recording length is 15 minutes. If the YouTube video is longer than 15 minutes, you have to purchase the Pro version or record the video in several clips.

When you locate a video on YouTube that you want to record, create a new tab to go to the online YouTube live stream recorder. Click the Start Recording for Free option to launch the online recorder.

Click the Gear icon, select the Screen icon and draw on the recording area based on the YouTube media player. Select Size and choose a proper resolution. Make sure to turn on Computer Audio.

Click the red Rec button and start recording the video on YouTube.

When you are done YouTube recording, simple click done to stop it. After that choose the publish option or save the recording as a video.

screencast o matic

3. How to Record YouTube Videos on iPhone

Apple has already introduced the screen recording function into iPhone and iPad since iOS11. It is possible that you can record videos from YouTube and other online streaming sites without extra apps. Just follow the following steps to enable the feature and capture the desired files on your iPhone according to your requirements.

Launch the Settings app from the home screen on your iPhone. Tap on your name, and go to the Control Center option. Select the Customize Controls option and find the Screen Recording icon.

Then tap the plus icon next to it to add this feature into your Control Center. Open the YouTube video you want to watch offline. Open the Control Center and tap Screen Recording icon.

Once you have pressed the Start Recording option, you can start the YouTube video recording process. When you get the desired file, you can tap the Screen Recording and tap on the Stop Recording icon.

It takes a few seconds to render the recorded video. After that, the video will be saved to Photos app, which you can trim the recording videos and apply video filters accordingly.

Note: If the built-in screen-recording feature is not available to your YouTube video, you have to look for a third-party video recorder app for YouTube.

screen recorder feature

4. FAQs about How to Record YouTube Videos

1. Is It Legal to Record Video from YouTube?

When the videos are uploaded to YouTube or other online streaming site, these files are copyright protected. It is illegal if you need to record videos from YouTube for commercial purpose. But it is okay if you just want to watch them on your device offline.

2. Why My YouTube Video Recording is Nothing But Just Audio?

Today, Google has added protection to all YouTube videos. If you just use a simple screen recorder, chances are that you just get a black screen with sound. So, you’d better look for a powerful screen recorder to download your favorite videos from YouTube.

3. How to Record Audio from YouTube?

You have several options to record audio from YouTube videos. Firstly, use the built-in audio recorder feature in PC to capture sound from YouTube videos. Moreover, third-party audio recorders, such as Audacity, QuickTime and more, can meet your need as well.


Here is the detailed process about how to record video from YouTube on computer and iPhone. If you just want to record a video clip from YouTube occasionally, Screencast-O-Matic is an easy choice. Of course, you can take advantage of the pre-installed screen-recording feature on iPhone. FoneLab Screen Recorder is a versatile screen recorder that enables you to capture the videos with ease.

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