3 Efficient Methods to Download Music from Pandora for Free on Different Devices

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Sept 01, 2020 16:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

What are the best methods to download music files from Pandora? With the Pandora subscription service, you can simply turn on the Offline Mode to download the music files offline to your smartphone. But is there a free method to extract music from Pandora? Whether you need to extract the desired music, or capture the songs with the original audio quality, you can just learn more about the 3 most efficient methods from the article.

3 Efficient Methods to Download Music from Pandora for Free on Different Devices

1. Best Method to Download Music from Pandora with PC/Mac

FoneLab Screen Recorder is one of the most efficient methods to download Pandora music files with the original quality. It enables you to record all on-screen activities, including the screen videos, system audio, microphone voice, webcam footage and more other files. Moreover, you can also tweak the video/audio settings, add annotations/shapes/watermark, or even manage the recorded Pandora music with ease.

  1. Capture music from Pandora, YouTube and more other online streaming.
  2. Tweak the frame rate, FPS, video format, video quality, audio codec, etc.
  3. Add annotations, shapes, watermark, callouts, lines, texts and more others.
  4. Manage the recorded videos, such as play, delete and share to others.

Download and install the Pandora music recorder, launch the program on your computer. When you want to tweak the audio settings, you can click the Preferences option to select the desired audio format, audio quality and more settings from the Output option.

screen recorder home page

Go to the Audio Recorder menu and enable the System Audio option. Then you can adjust the audio volume to get a satisfied effect. You should also disable the Microphone option to avoid recording any noise from the environment.

audio recorder

After that, you can go to the Pandora music online streaming site. You can click the REC button to download music files from Pandora. Once you have captured the desired file, you can click the Stop button to save the music from Pandora to your computer.

adjust recorded audio

When you get the desired Pandora music, you can manage the files within the Media Library. It enables you to playback the music, trim the videos with the start and end points, adjust the audio volume and even manage the recorded audio with ease.

2. How to Extract Music from Pandora on Android/iOS Devices

Method 1: Google Play Music

Google Play Music includes a larger collection of music than Pandora, which you can search, listen and download Pandora music within Google Play Music offline. Just learn more details about how to download music from Pandora with the following process.

Once you have downloaded and installed the music downloader from Google Player, you can launch the Pandora music downloader and sign into the Google account.

After that, you can search for the desired Pandora music files before selecting the Download button. Then you can touch the Menu button with three-line icon to open the Settings screen.

Tap on the Download option and choose the Storage location and choose the Internal or the External memory to initiate downloading the song from the Pandora with ease.

google play music

Method 2: Free MP3 Downloader

Free MP3 Downloader is not only a Pandora music downloader, but also a music manager that sorts downloaded music by title, artist, album, genre and more. Moreover, you can also transfer songs between computer and iOS device using Wi-Fi network.

Download and install the Pandora music downloader on your iPhone. You can search for your favorite music on Pandora with the built-in browser according to your requirement.

After that, you can tap on the Download option to save and download the Pandora music with the best quality. It enables you to extract the audio files from the webpage simultaneously.

Once you have downloaded the desired music of Pandora, you can edit the tags and album. Moreover, you can also customize the music within your smartphone within a playlist.

free mp3 downloader

3. FAQ about How to Download Music from Pandora

1. What is Pandora?

Pandora radio is one of the most popular online music streaming, which is both available on app and website. It offers the personalized music stations where you can save songs, genres, and artists of your choice and get more recommendations. To download the music from Pandora offline, you have to subscribe the service beforehand.

2. What are the Subscription Services of Pandora?

Pandora has two different subscription services, Pandora Plus with US$4.99 per month and Pandora Premium with US$9.99 per month. With Pandora Plus, you can listen to up to four stations offline. Pandora Premium enables you to download music from Pandora without limitation.

3. Is There Any Other Recommended Pandora Music Downloader?

Besides the above methods, you can also use the online music downloaders from Pandora. If you are using the smartphone with ease, you can use some alternatives, such as Music Paradise Pro, Google Play Music, Pandora Downloader and more other application.


When you want to get a satisfied Pandora music for free, you can learn more details about the best methods from the article. If you need to download the Pandora music files from a smartphone, you can use some music downloader applications. Of course, you can also use FoneLab Screen Recorder to capture the audio files with the original audio quality. If you have any query about the topic, you can share more details in the comments.

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