How Can You Burn Your Favorite YouTube Music to CD without Quality Loss


Sept 30, 2020 09:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

According to a recent survey, music consumption has become a new fashion. Unlike other entertainment, music consumption primarily happens in car. In another word, more and more people listen to music in their cars. That may be why so many people asked how to burn music to a CD from YouTube.

How Can You Burn Your Favorite YouTube Music to CD without Quality Loss

Suppose someone has a YouTube playlist saved all favorite songs, the most convenient way to enjoy them in car is to burn them on a CD. This article will share a complete guide to do the task.

1. Download YouTube Music for CD Burning

Generally speaking, there are two stages to burn a CD from YouTube. Firstly, you need to download music from YouTube to your hard drive. Then write them to a CD. Fonelab Screen Recorder is the perfect option to get your favorite songs from YouTube.

Basic Features of the Best YouTube Downloader

  1. Record any music on YouTube in a single click.
  2. Produce high-quality audio files using advanced technology.
  3. Take schedules to capture YouTube songs automatically.

How to Record YouTube Music for CD

Set up YouTube recorder

Before burning YouTube music to CD, install the best YouTube recorder and launch it. The music recorder is compatible with Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS X. The choose Audio Recorder from the home interface to move on. The program will scan your hardware and optimize custom options automatically. If you want to set them manually, click the Gear icon to enter the Preferences dialog.

choose mode

Record music from YouTube

You can see two sections in the main interface, System Sound and Microphone. They are used to capture sound through the corresponding sources. In order to record YouTube music for CD burning, toggle on System Sound and disable Microphone. Adjust the volume until you are satisfied. Open your browser, sign in YouTube, create a playlist, and save all music you want to record in new playlist. Turn to the YouTube recorder, click the REC button and play the playlist to begin recording it.

Tip: If you know the length of the playlist, click Set record length and set the options. Then the recorder will save YouTube music automatically.

audio recorder

Save YouTube music to computer

When the playlist recording is done, click the Stop button. Then the preview window will popup. Here you can listen to the music recording, remove unwanted clips, and click the Save button to export YouTube music for burning on CD.

save recording

2. How to Burn YouTube Music to a CD PC

It will become very simple to burn YouTube music to a CD after you have downloaded songs to your hard drive. Both PC and Mac have built-in or free music CD burner utilities, and we share the guide below.

How to Burn YouTube Music to a CD on PC

On PC, you even do not need to install any software since Windows Media Player has the capacity to burn a CD from YouTube.

Go to the Start menu at the bottom left corner, find and open Windows Media Player. If it is opening now, turn to the Library mode.

Head to the Burn tab on the right side, click the small Option icon and choose Audio CD on the context menu. Otherwise, WMP may produce a data CD instead.

burn options

Insert a blank CD disc into your DVD driver. If the AutoPlay dialog pops up, close it. The Burn list area should be empty. If not, click the Clear list button.

windows media player cd

Now, go to Music tab on the left sidebar and find YouTube music. WMP should scan your hard disk and discover music files automatically. Then drag and drop the titles into the Burn list section. If you cannot find the YouTube music in WMP, open an Explorer window, open the folder, drag and drop them into Burn list area.

burn cd on windows media player

Finally, click on the Smart burn button to begin burning a CD from YouTube on PC.

How to Burn a CD from YouTube on Mac

When it comes to Mac computers, the built-in CD burning feature will only produce a data disc. Alternatively, iTunes allows you to burn an audio CD from YouTube on Mac for free.

Run your iTunes on Mac, go to the File menu and choose Add File to Library. On the popup dialog, find the downloaded YouTube music files and add them to iTunes library.

Go to Library, select all YouTube music files, right-click on one song, choose Add to Playlist and select New Playlist.

add playlist

Go to the File menu again, and select Burn Playlist to Disc.

burn playlist

Make sure to select Audio CD in Disc Format. Put an empty CD into your computer and click the Burn button to begin burning a CD from YouTube on Mac.

burn settings

3. FAQs about How to Burn Music to a CD from YouTube

Where can I get free songs to burn on a CD?

The top free music sites include:

  1. Amazon Free Songs
  2. SoundCloud
  3. Jamendo Music
  4. SoundClick
  5. Spinrilla

Is it legal to burn a CD from YouTube?

Most likely and technically, no, it is not legal to burn a CD from YouTube. However, it is okay if you just use the CD for personal use but not commercial purposes.

Can I burn to CD from Spotify?

No, Spotify does not offer the ability to burn music to CD directly. Alternatively, you have to download Spotify songs with a third-party downloader and then write them to a CD.


This guide has talked about how to burn YouTube music to a CD for listening to in car or other places. Apparently, you cannot do it directly. You have to download the songs from YouTube with Fonelab Screen Recorder. Then burn the downloaded songs to a CD on PC and Mac following our concrete guide. If you have more questions, please leave a message below this post.

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