Fraps Alternatives – Best Screen Recording Software to Capture Screen and Gameplay


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Frapsis one of the most popular screen capture software, which is able to capture games using DirectX or OpenGL graphic technology. The program captures audio and video up to 7680x4800 with custom frame rates from 1 to 120 frames per second.

But Fraps has not been updated since 20 Feb, 2013, after the version 3.5.99 was released.

Fraps Alternatives

What should be the best Fraps alternative? If you need to record gameplay in a high quality on Windows and Mac, FoneLab Screen Recorder is one of the best gameplay recorders as Fraps alternative on Windows and Mac.

Just learn more detailed information about the comparison and usage from the article.

1. Why choose FoneLab Screen Recorder as Fraps alternative

You can find dozens of screen recorders or gameplay recorders as Fraps alternatives, especially the popular online screen recorder.

As for online screen recorder, it is difficult to save a high-quality video format because of the Internet bandwidth. You might also find it impossible to adjust the video codec, video quality and more other settings with an online screen recorder.

Why do you choose FoneLab Screen Recorder?

Here are the excellent features you should know about the program.

1. Video Quality

The advanced Blue-light real-time HD video encoding technology can guarantee you excellent image and sound quality. Moreover, you can adjust the quality, video codec and more other settings. The captured gameplay videos can be saved as MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI, GIF, TS, etc.


2. Audio Quality

Whether you need to record streaming audio, capture online audio, or even record microphone voice, the Fraps alternative is able to capture all the audio files with ease. You can save the recorded audio in MP3, WMA, AAC and M4A easily.

 audio recorder

3. Add Webcam

When you want to add webcam commentary to the captured videos, you can go over your Skype or Team Viewer chatting any time you like in the captured video.

choose mode

4. Annotation tools

In order to highlight the important parts, you can find the multiple annotations and editing tools for the Fraps alternative, such as the lines, pen tools, texts, callouts, arrows, etc.

system sound

2. Comparison between FoneLab Screen Recorder and Fraps

When you need to record gameplay videos, you should learn more about the features of the programs beforehand. The program is available on both Windows and Mac.

Here is the chart you should know about Fraps and Fraps alternative.

Features of Screen Recorders Fraps Screen Recorder FoneLab Screen Recorder
Record gameplay and applications with OpenGL and DirectX O O
Capture audio files from System Audio, Microphone and other channels O O
Custom the video files, frame rate, video codec, audio files and photo formats O O
Record computer screen of Windows and Mac X O
Take videos from Webcam as game commentary X O
Annotation and editing tools to highlight important parts of videos and photos X O

Besides the basic recording features, you can also access the hotkeys, mouse recording, instant sharing, and other features within the Fraps alternative.

3. How to use the Fraps alternative to record gameplay videos

If you want the best Fraps alternative, you can learn more detailed information about how to use FoneLab Screen Recorder to record gameplay videos as below.

Download and install FoneLab Screen Recorder

FoneLab Screen Recorder is available on both Windows and Mac. You can download and install the correct version of Fraps alternative. After that, you can launch the program to record gameplay videos on your computer.

choose mode

Custom the screen frame of the gameplay

In order to record the gameplay video only, you can click the Video Recorder button to custom the screen frame by mouse recording. You can also manually adjust the recording frame for the gameplay videos.

customize screen

Add webcam commentary to gameplay video

When you want to add your own voice commentary and webcam, you can turn on the Webcam option and turn on the Microphone option. After that you can adjust the volume of microphone audio files.

choose mode

Record gameplay video as Fraps alternative

Click the REC button to record gameplay videos on your computer. It will take onscreen activities for the gameplay video, screen video and webcam files. You can click the Pause option or Stop option to manage the recording videos.

Add annotation elements to the captured video

After that you can click the Edit button to add annotation to the captured video, such as lines, arrows, pen tools and other elements. Of course, you can also adjust the color and sizes of these elements.

record youtube

Manage the captured videos within the program

Select the destination folder to save the recordings to your computer. Of course, you can also share the captured video files to Live streaming directly within the program.

save recording

Note: You can go to “Preferences” to choose the desired “Snapshot format”, “Video format”, “Video codec”, “Video quality”, “Frame rate”, “Audio format” and “Audio quality” to adjust the quality of the output files.



If you find some problems for Fraps, or need to get a Fraps alternative to record screen or gameplay video, you can take FoneLab Screen Recorder into consideration.

Just compare the features between Fraps screen recorder and FoneLab Screen Recorder. You can make a decision for the best Fraps alternative to record screen, capture audio and take snapshots.

More queries about Fraps alternatives and similar software, you can share more information in the comments.

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