5+ Dxtory Alternative Screen Recorders for Windows/Mac/Linux Users

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- Need alternatives to Dxtory…"
- Dxtory does not work for a fair amount of games…"
- I want to make a game tutorial, but Dxtory is difficult to use…"

There are many similar questions about Dxtory in various forums. Actually, seeking for a good Dxtory alternative is a hot topic. Many people complain about the Dxtory not working and other restrictions. Well, there are still many other excellent screen recorders you can try. From this article, you can get the Dxtory review and alternatives. Just read and learn.

But do not worry about that. If you don't have time to watch the show, it will be a good idea to have someone else record it for you. From this article, you can get powerful TV recording software. Thus, it is not a hard job to record TV shows on a laptop anymore.

1. What Is Dxtory

Dxtory is a popular screen recorder for DirectX and OpenGL Applications. Most people use Dxtory to record streaming gameplays due to its high speed. Dxtory can record several audio sources at the same time. The recording files will be saved as AVI files individually.

In addition, you can broadcast videos and take screenshots with Dxtory on Windows PC. Because Dxtory records game videos in high quality, the file sizes are larger than common files. Sometimes it takes more time to share and upload a Dxtory recording video.

You can try the Dxtory free version to record a game video with limited features. If you want to access more screen recording functions, you need to buy a Dxtory license. One license is required per Dxtory account. Well, the Dxtory price is 3800 JPY. Once you complete the Dxtory setup, you can capture games and record screen videos with ease.

dxtory game recorder

2. 5 Common Dxtory Alternatives

These are popular alternatives to Dxtory. Thus, you can record gameplays and other streaming videos on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. Though there are always these or those restrictions. Well, from this section, you can learn advantages and disadvantages of each Dxtory alternative carefully.

1. Fraps

Fraps is a hot Dxtory alternative for Windows. You can record gameplays and other kinds of videos with customizable frames.




2. OBS

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is also a popular Dxtory alternative for Linux, Windows and Mac. Well, you can record videos and take screenshots for free.




3. PlayClaw

PlayClaw is available on Windows computers and browsers. You can run this Dxtory alternative software for video recording and live streaming.




4. Action!

Actions! screen recorder is developed by Mirillis. For YouTubers and other gamers, you can record most real-time gameplays on Windows in high definition.



action! screen recorder

5. Bandicam

You can get game recording mode, screen recording mode and device recording mode from Bandicam. Well, Bandicam is not only a Dxtory alternative, but also an OBS alternative for Windows XP. 




3. Best Screen Recorder Software Alternative to Dxtory

To get rid of above restrictions, you can turn to FoneLab Screen Recorder for help. It is a lightweight and powerful screen recorder for both amateurs and professionals. You can record gameplays, movies, TV shows, tutorials and other kinds of videos with audio smoothly. Yes, it will not slow down the speed while you are playing games, watching streaming movies or doing other activities.

In a word, FoneLab Screen Recorder is your best alternative to Dxtory for Windows and Mac.

1. Key Features of the Best Dxtory Alternative

Fonelab Screen Recorder Screenshot

FoneLab Screen Recorder

Capture video, audio, online tutorial, etc on Windows/Mac, and easily customize size, edit the video or audio, and more.

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2. How to Record HD Videos Using Dxtory Alternative Software

Step 1Run the screen recorder

Free download FoneLab Screen Recorder. Launch the Dxtory alternative software after the installation. You can choose the Video Recorder option.

launch fonelab screen recorder

Step 2 Prepare for screen recording

You can choose full screen, fixed region or custom region from its drop-down menu. Enable the webcam if you want. Later, choose the input audio source. You can turn on System Sound and Microphone together or separately.

prepare for screen recording

Step 3 Start recording

Click the REC icon after all preparations. You can edit the video and add specific labels while recording. In addition, you can pause, resume or stop recording without time limits. If you want to take a screenshot, you can draw on the screen directly.

start recording

Step 4 Save or share the video

When you stop recording, you will get a popping-up window. Click the Play icon to preview the video. Later, you can choose the Save option to move on. Change the output folder if necessary. At last, click the Next option to export the recording file. In addition, you can share the video to YouTube, Facebook and other sites too.

save the recording file

That’s all for how to record screen videos with FoneLab Screen Recorder. Can you find your best Dxtory alternative now? If not, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to your questions and suggestions.

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