How to Download Twitch Videos Correctly - Everything You Should Know About Twitch

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Aug 05, 2020 16:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

As one of the most popular video platforms to stream gameplay, music broadcast, esport, etc from June 2011, Twitch has more than 15 million daily active users now. You can enjoy what you are interested in Twitch online each day.

Here comes the question, what if you want to watch these videos offline? What can I do if I have no internet connection one day?

In this post, we will show you the satisfied answers you want.

How to Download Twitch Videos Correctly - Everything You Should Know About Twitch

1. Download Twitch Videos

“I want to download a video of gameplay on Twitch for offline watching. But they said it is not available to download videos from Twitch. Can you download twitch videos? If so, how to download videos from twitch?”

Below are 4 proven answers to how to download a twitch video.

How to Download Your Own Twitch Videos

Streamers are allowed to download their own broadcasts directly, and please note that you have 14-60 days to download these videos after initial stream and auto-delete itself.

Below are the instructions you can follow to save your videos.

Option 1. Auto-Archiving: Go to Profile > Account Settings > Channel & Videos > Channel Settings > Automatically archive my broadcasts.


Option 2. Download Video: Click Profile > Video Manager, find the video you want to download, click the Download button.

If you prefer to download someone else’s Twitch video without a direct Download button, please keep moving.

Twitch Video Downloader Online

You can try to download Twitch videos online, which is a convenient method to help you save Twitch videos without downloading other tools on computer.

As you might know there are various options, below are 2 online Twitch video downloader recommendations for you.

Top 1. KeepVid


This is an online tool to helps people download videos from Twitch. Just need to copy the video link in the box then click Go button. You will see a new page, you can click Download button to save the video on computer. It also enables you to download videos with various quality, and you can even download the audio of the video only if you want.

Top 2. UnTwitch


Just copy the Twitch video URL of recorded twitch videos and clips in the box, then click SUBMIT button. Here, you can download videos with different formats and sizes except for m3u8 format. And you can also adjust the start and end points to download a part of the video.

Top 3. Clipr


Press Control and C concurrently to copy the Twitch video address, then paste it on the box on the web page. Then you can see a window shows you the title, length, video quality, etc in it. You can click the Select Video Quality to choose suitable video quality and click DOWNLOAD VIDEO to save the video to computer.

Twitch Video Downloader

Another way you should not miss is Twitch video downloader - Twitch Leecher, which is very convenient program on computer. You can download and install the software on computer, then follow the clear instructions to download videos from twitch with ease.

Search Twitch video downloader -Twitch Leecher from GitHub, select a suitable one and install it from its official site.

twitch leecher

Then run the software. Go to the Twitch video you want to download, and copy the address.

Paste it in the box in the interface, and click Download button to begin downloading.

However, despite its features, it cannot meet all needs of users. As we all know, it will not always find the videos you want in its search box. Therefore, you will need another solution.

2. How to Save Videos on Twitch - FoneLab Screen Recorder

Here we will highly introduce a powerful and user-friendly software, which is called FoneLab Screen Recorder to you. It is a screen recorder available for both Windows and Mac, which can record screen, capture screenshots, record audio or webcam on computer accordingly. Compare to other tools, it helps you record screen without unwanted windows, add annotations when recording, customize hotkeys, save video as 4k and other formats, etc. It is one of the best screen recorders you should not miss.

Below is the tutorial of how to record and save a video from Twitch with 4k video downloader for Twitch.

Download and install FoneLab Screen Recorder on computer, then it will be launched automatically. Select Video Recorder, then enable System Sound here.

fonelab screen recorder interfaceenable system sound on fonelab screen recordr

Run a browser and go the Twitch page. Open the Twitch video you want to download.

You should click REC button to begin recording if you are ready. Finally, click stop button and save it to a folder.

record twitch video with fonelab screen recorder

That’s it. You can watch the video whenever you want without internet instead of watching it online.

After talking about download video from twitch, you can move on to get more information about Twitch.

3. FAQs About Twitch

Except for downloading videos from twitch, if you have questions about how to upload videos to twitch, post a video on Twitch or delete videos from Twitch, you can get answers in this part.

Q: Why Can’t I Upload A Video to Twitch?

A: Only Partner or Affiliate status can upload a pre-recorded video to channel. You will be required to have streamed for over 25 hours on 12 different days with an average of 75 views to become a Twitch Partner or have streamed for more than 8 hours on 7 different days with an average of 3 views on the last month to become an affiliate.

Q: How to Upload A Video to Twitch/How Do I Post A Video on Twitch?

A: Log in to Twitch account on web page, then click profile > Video Producer > Upload. Then select a video to upload it.

upload twitch video

Q: How to Delete Videos on Twitch?

A: Click profile > Video Producer, choose the video you want to delete, click the menu icon to select Delete from the drop-down menu.

delete twitch video

That’s all about how to download a Twitch video in different ways. FoneLab Screen Recorder is a wise choice for you as you won’t be required to meet various requests. Why not download and have a try now!

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