2 Ways to Download Netflix TV Shows and Movies to Watch Offline on Mac

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June 29, 2020 16:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

There is no such a Netflix app for Mac. You can download the Netflix app on Windows, Android, iPhone and iPad, but not Mac. If you want to watch Netflix shows on Mac, there are two types of solutions. The first solution is mirroring Android or Apple iPhone’s screen to your computer. You need to connect your iPhone into Mac via a USB cable. Then mirror streaming Netflix movies to Mac display screen. It is inconvenient for most people. By the way, the Wi-Fi speed needs to be really fast.

2 Ways to Download Netflix TV Shows and Movies to Watch Offline on Mac

Another solution is downloading Netflix shows on Mac. You can download Netflix movies to computer or phone first. Later, you can transfer the downloaded Netflix movies to Mac to watch offline. There is no need to mirror phone screen to your Mac computer over and over again. Obviously, you choose the second solution. Then how to put Netflix shows on Mac desktop? Here’re 2 workable solutions you can get.

1. How to Download Netflix Shows by Recording (100% Success)

Netflix allows the subscribers to download some TV shows and movies for offline playback. But not all Netflix videos are available to download. What if there is no download icon? During this time, you can use FoneLab Screen Recorder to get rid of the download limit on Netflix.

Your Netflix downloads will never expire or disappear. You can watch Netflix offline on Mac whenever you want. All you need is a Windows computer. If you use Mac, you can emulate or mirror your smart phone to computer as well. Later, you can turn all Netflix shows and movies downloadable.

The 100% successful Netflix downloader helps users download all streaming videos on Netflix. There is no maximum time limit. You can use a timer to record a Netflix playlist on Mac for hours or even days. So you don’t need to sit before your computer to monitor the screen recording process all the time. Just let Netflix play continuously, FoneLab Screen Recorder will record Netflix streams automatically. You can play downloaded files from Netflix on Mac unlimitedly.

  1. Record shows on Netflix window with the original quality.
  2. Set a task schedule to download Netflix movies on your computer with auto start and stop time.  
  3. Take a screenshot while recording on Netflix.
  4. Save the downloaded Netflix movies as MP4, AVI, WMV, M4V and other formats.
  5. 100% success rate to record and download Netflix series and shows.
  6. Low CPU usage. The playing Netflix shows will not be laggy.  
  7. Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and Mac OS X 10.10 or above (macOS Sierra and macOS High Sierra included.)

Free download FoneLab Screen Recorder. Launch the program after the installation. Click Video Recorder to download Netflix shows on your computer. (Both Windows and Mac versions are available. If you want to download shows from Netflix on Mac directly. Use AirPlay or other apps to get the show you want on Mac. Thus you can record Netflix from your iPhone or Android.)

choose video recorder mode

Go to the page of the Netflix video you want to record. Unfold the down-arrow icon next to the computer icon. Choose Fixed Region and select the Netflix window. Then turn on System Sound. Make sure Microphone is turned off. Thus, you can download Netflix shows with original audio without quality loss. No background noise.

Your recorded Netflix video will be saved as MP4 by default. You can click More settings and head to the Output section to make changes. Moreover, you can adjust video quality, frame rate, output folder and more details here. Click OK to save changes and close the Preferences window.

adjust output recording settings

Click REC or use hotkeys to record on Netflix. You can click the same icon to stop recording Netflix. Click Save to move on. Select the path to save your Netflix show. Then click Next to export it. Use a USB drive or cloud storage service to download Netflix videos on Mac and watch offline. But don’t send a copy to your friends or other people. Just save Netflix series and movies to watch offline on your Mac computer only.

Note: It is unsafe to download Netflix shows on Mac from website. You may encounter fake Netflix download links.

2. How to Download Netflix Shows by Download Icon

If there is a download option under the Netflix show, you can download shows from Netflix app directly. This method works for Windows, iOS and Android users. All you need is a Netflix subscription. Then you can download Netflix movies on your computer or phone. However, when you cancel your Netflix subscription, those downloaded Netflix movies and TV shows will be unavailable.  

Open Netflix app. Browse and find the TV show or movie you want to download.

If this Netflix movie can be downloaded, you can see a Download downward arrow under the title. As for downloading Netflix TV shows, you need to choose Download next to each Netflix episode manually.

Choose Download to download a Netflix show. A progress wheel and a status indicator shows on your screen.

You can find the Netflix movie downloads in the My Downloads section. Just choose Downloads to find all Netflix offline files.

Choose Play to play a Netflix show without the Internet connection.

download movies from netfix

Note: You can enable Smart Downloads on Netflix to manage and download Netflix episodes. It is a feature that can delete the show you watched automatically. Meanwhile, Smart Downloads will download the next episode from Netflix via Wi-Fi connection automatically as well. In a word, there will only be one downloaded Netflix show on your device.

All in all, you can watch Netflix offline on your Mac computer via the above two solutions. It’s okay if you will subscribe to Netflix all the time. You can download and watch Netflix shows on Windows and your mobile phone. Otherwise, your Netflix downloads will disappear once the Netflix subscription expires. Some people may want to download Netflix movies on Mac from website. But there are potential risks.

To download any Netflix show on your Mac computer, using FoneLab Screen Recorder is your best choice. You can record and download movies on MacBook to watch offline successfully and losslessly. Moreover, you will not encounter Netflix Mac problems like “Why can’t I download Netflix shows?”, “Why have my downloads disappeared from Netflix?” and so on. Your Netflix downloads will never disappear.

Some people wonder whether it is illegal to record movies from Netflix. Well, if you don’t share or make money from Netflix downloads, Netflix will not come after you. So it does not matter if you download Netflix shows on Mac for offline viewing for yourself only.

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