Bandicam Screen Recorder - 2020 Ultimate Guide to Capture Screen on Windows/Mac

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Sept 02, 2020 16:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

When you search free screen recorder on Google, you can always find that Bandicam is always lying at the top of the list. For a novice, it is not easy to figure out how Bandicam is, or how to select the best from various options.

You have come to the right place, in this post, we will show you more information about Bandicam.

Bandicam Screen Recorder - 2020 Ultimate Guide to Capture Screen on Windows/Mac

1. What is Bandicam

Bandicam is a powerful tool on Windows computers to help you 2D/3D games, internet TV streaming videos, media players, desktop screen, video chat, webcam, etc. With it, you can record 3D games with 4K recorder, capture online meetings, create tutorials and more accordingly.

What’s more, it also can be a Bandicam editor to crop a video, trim unwanted parts of videos, and many others with simple operations.

You can use most features of Bandicam for free, but if you want to record screen without a watermark, you need to get the Bandicam full version before you use it.

2. Bandicam Download

If you want to download Bandicam, you need to visit its official site, then click Download button. Then a new page will pop up, click another Download button on the new page to begin downloading.

After Bandicam free download and installation, you can check the following demonstration about how to use it correctly.

download bandicam

3. How to Use Bandicam

If you want to know how to use Bandicam, here is the step-by-step tutorial.

Go to Bandicam official site, then click the Download button and follow the instructions to install it on computer. Then it will be opened automatically.

Choose the recording area or recording mode from the 6 options on the main interface.

bandicam interface

Click REC button when you are ready.

click rec button on bandicam

Click stop button when it is done. The recorded videos will be saved to folder automatically.

You can click Videos on the middle of the window to check your recorded videos, select the one from the list, then click Play, Edit, Upload or Delete. If you need to edit your videos, you can click Edit button then follow the on-screen instructions to install Bandicut on computer.

click videos tab bandicam

4. Bandicam Alternatives

Bandicam appears in the list of results when you search free screen recorder on Google, various options make you feel confused as you have no idea about how to choose the best one from them. Actually, each tool comes with its own features to let users record what they want. It is not easy to definite which one is the best. It is recommended that you can choose a screen recorder that suits you best.

Bandicam vs OBS vs FoneLab Screen Recorder

OBS might be one of the frequently heard choices. If you are not clear about it, you can learn more information below.

OBS is an open-source free screen recorder and broadcast software, which can also help you live streaming to YouTube, Twitch, etc. Compared to Bandicam, it is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. So you can use it as one of the Bandicam alternatives if you prefer to record videos on Mac.

However, FoneLab Screen Recorder will also be highly recommended to you here. It is a powerful tool on computer to capture desktop activities, online courses, streaming audio, and many others. In addition, it can also take a screenshot of computer screen or videos as you need.

More importantly, it is a simple tool that allows you to begin recording without setting. But you can adjust the recording area, enable settings to record around the mouse or exclude the unwanted windows.

In some cases, people can not watch a favorite TV show or online courses on time. So you can use it to easily set a scheduled recording with absence.

Below is a table of detailed information for references.

Name Operating system Supported Formats Game Recording Device Recording Real-time Drawing Scheduled Recording
Bandicam Win avi, mp4
OBS Win, macOS, and Linux flv, mp4, mov, mkv, ts,  m3u8 × ×
FoneLab Screen Recorder Win, macOS wmv, mp4, mov, f4v, ts, avi, gif

5. FAQs About Bandicam

As Bandicam is a popular software, below are some frequently asked questions and answers.

Q: Is Bandicam Safe?

A: Yes, it is. Bandicam will never save your personal information. It provides an easy, safe and efficient way to record screen on computer.

Q: Is Bandicam Free?

A: The free Bandicam version is available with limits. For example, the recorded videos come with Bandicam watermark, you have to buy Bandicam to remove it.

Q: Can You download Bandicam for Mac?

A: Actually, Bandicam is available for Windows only. Therefore, you are unable to get Bandicam for Mac. It is better that you can get the alternative to Bandicam to capture screen on Mac if needed.

That’s all about Bandicam screen recorder and its alternatives. You can download and install one of them on computer and have a try now!

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