Top 15 Best Anime and Anime Sites in 2020 You Should Not Miss


Sept 30, 2018 09:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

- "Which is the best site I can watch anime for free?"
- "Does anyone know a good anime site that will load properly?"
- "Is there any anime website that I can watch 1080p anime movies?"

Still searching best anime streaming sites in Reddit? Have no idea which anime movie to watch? Well, you can get the latest anime and anime sites from this article. Moreover, here is also one user-friendly screen recorder.

anime recorder

Thus, you can record any streaming anime video online directly. Of course, you can grab online videos from YouTube and other video-sharing sites too.

1. 5 Latest Anime Series in 2020

Seriously, there are hundreds of thousands of anime series in the market. Some anime shows are really popular, such as Death Note, One Piece, Pokémon, etc. From this section, you can get new anime releases in 2020.

A Place Further Than the Universe

Four girls join the journey to Antarctica with different purposes. This anime talks about the adolescent friendship mainly. It’s gorgeous animation style and genuine heart make it to be one of the most compelling anime in 2020.

A Place Further Than the  Universe

Laid-back Camp

Just as its name shows, this anime introduces the camping life with a group of people. You can get actual tips about outside camping here. Well, it is also a good way to de-stress yourself after the long day work.

 Laid-back Camp

Pop Team Epic

There are two main characters named Popuko and Pipimi. You can get bunches of shorts about their life. Actually, it is more fun to guess what those voice actors are. 

Pop Team Epic

Violet Evergarden

The main character used to be a killing machine in the military. During the war, she lost her arms. So her arms were replaced with metal prosthetics. As time goes by, she has to learn how to integrate back into the normal society. This is also what this anime mainly talks about.

Violet Evergarden

Love Is Hard for Otaku

Otaku indicates hardcore fans of anime and games. This anime show introduces 4 friends who are otaku. Different from other romantic anime, you can see struggles and conflicts of dating here.

Love Is Hard for Otaku

Moreover, you can get winter anime in 2020 like Mob Psycho 100 II, Revisions and more. Well, you can browse the specific anime schedule to get more details.

2. Top 10 Anime Sites to Watch Anime Online

Then here comes the question, which one is the best anime streaming site? In another word, where can you watch the latest anime online? Here are 10 anime sites that you can watch anime for free.

Site Details You can get various anime sources from 240p to 720p or even 1080p. With the support of HTML5, you can access streaming anime series on your smartphone too. This is one of the largest free anime and anime sites in the market. You can get free anime series with English subtitles.
Animefrost AnimeFrost is described as a free anime streaming site with good user experience. It’s well-designed UI and simplistic sections attract lots of people. You can sort out anime series and cartoon by rating, genre and year. Well, Anime Heaven allows users to download anime in different video qualities. Anime Streams is a member of ad-free anime and anime sites. What’s more, it is one of the dubbed anime sites too. You can discuss anime episodes with otaku here.
Hulu Anime Hulu offers an Anime section. You can get new anime releases all the time. Of course, you need to subscribe to the Hulu plan first.
Crunchyroll Among common anime and anime sites online, Crunchyroll has been the leader of purchased streaming anime streaming websites. You can even get simulcasts from Japan.
Animeseason If you have no idea which anime to watch, you can go to Anime Season. There are 4 sections including new anime episodes, recent anime recommendations, recently rated anime and recently added anime.
AnimeDao You can get anime series from AnimeDao directly. It’s simple and intuitive interface makes everything easy. ChiaAnime offers large amounts of anime series. Though there are much ads contained while you are watching streaming anime.

According to above recommendations of best anime and anime sites, the direct download feature is not supported in most cases. However, what if you want to enjoy anime movies in the subway or other no Wi-Fi places? Actually, you can record those streaming videos from anime websites for offline playback.

3. Download and Record Any Streaming Anime for Offline Watching

By using FoneLab Screen Recorder, you can capture all on-screen activities with powerful editing tools. To be more specific, you can record anime with system or microphone audio using the customized screen size.

It is also supported to screenshot your favorite moment with the hotkey preference. In a word, you can download any video from those anime and anime sites effortlessly.

Main Features of FoneLab Anime Recorder Software

  1. Capture videos, record audios and take screenshots with fully customizable filters.
  2. Edit your captured video or screenshot with arrows, lines, stepstools, texts, etc.
  3. Output your video, audio or photo with the selected format and quality.
  4. Use hotkeys to control the whole screen recording process.

Steps to Record Anime for Offline Playback in High Resolution with FoneLab

Run the anime video recorder

Launch FoneLab Screen Recorder on your Windows or Mac computer. Locate the anime website that you want to record. Choose Video Recorder in the main menu.

launch screen recorder

Record screen on an anime site

Choose whether to record anime with the system sound and microphone audio. Meanwhile, you can adjust its volume. Use your mouse to draw the screen you want to capture. Then click the REC icon to trigger the screen recording feature. After the 3-second countdown, the program will start recording the anime movie. You can take a screenshot during the whole process.

Best Anime and Anime Sites

Export your recorded anime video

You can pause, restart and stop recording anime without time limitations. When the process ends, a preview window pops up. You can apply basic editing effects if necessary. Then set a destination folder to save your anime.

Best Anime and Anime Sites

The default output video format is MP4. Of course, you can set the preferences before recording manually too. So next time you want to download something from anime and anime sites, you can free download FoneLab Screen Recorder for a try.

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